#au where louis is a princess #he’s all prim and proper #never steps out of place#always looks like a million bucks #so one day he’s sitting by the window of his castle #and he see’s a long curly haired boy in the woods over by the river #and louis of course is so /intrigued/ by the boy #he had chocolate curls #and a broad back #so he sits there and stares for a while#watching as the curly haired boy picks apples from the tree#and sits down by his horse to eat it #now louis knows that he isn’t supposed to talk to the boy #but something about him makes louis /squirmy/ #so he comes down from his little tower #and goes to say hi looking all perfect and absolutely stunning #and he gets to where harry is aimlessly eating an apple #and harry looks up #and is in complete and utter awe over the fringe haired boy with the blue eyes and soft eyelashes #so much awe that he drops his apple #and gets up right away to greet louis #getting really nervous in the process #and louis just giggles and introduces himself #hi i’m louis but you can call me lou #and #hi i’m harry#but you can call me haz if you want (x)




When I say I’m ugly,

I’m dead serious. I’m not fishing for anyone’s compliments. That’s just how I really feel about myself. I think I’m “okay” looking though. But overall, I think I’m unattractive. There’s much more prettier and beautiful girls out there, that there’s too much that I can’t even count. Everything they do is better and cuter than what I do, even when they make silly faces or act stupid. I wish I was more attractive. I honestly wish I was one of those girls.